Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last fall I bred my favorite doe Tempera to Dancing Angels Tempo for a linebreeding on South Campus Temperance. Tempera had a difficult birth but fortunately everyone is healthy and happy now. The breeding turned out extrememely well, and I will probably be repeating it this year and hoping for doe kids.

Dancing Angels Eli - white with buckskin buckling. Super sharp looking with an excellent hind end assembly. Really nice buck. He has already found a home as a herd sire.

My personal favorite this year, Dancing Angels Abe. White with gold buckling, smaller and more refined than his brother. Abe is an absolute love, and I think he has potential to make a good herd sire. I will be growing him out a bit more before making a decision on him.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Patch - black and white moonspotted wether (Yoko x Obama). Very flashy. $75 SOLD
Idol - golden buckskin with moonspots (Yoko x Obama). Nice personality and gorgeous to look at. Available as a wether. $100 SOLD

Bucky - buckskin wether with white belly spot (Yoko x Obama). VERY sweet, as personable as a bottle baby although dam-raised. $75 SOLD

Florence - dark buckskin doeling with frosted ears and white on her poll and belly (Yoko x Obama). Small and refined with a dynamite personality. She is the only doe kid I've had born so far this year. $200 SOLD
E-mail dancing_angels211@yahoo.com if interested.