Wednesday, May 11, 2011


After having six bucklings and only one doe born, I was really hoping for a nice doe kid from Obama to keep. My two first fresheners, full sisters Dancing Angels Lovely and Dancing Angels GhostBuster (Dancing Angels Tempera x Shere Country TR Minstrel) both came through with beautiful twins! It certainly made up for the buck-heavy year I'd been having.

Lovely was the first to kid on May 1st (my birthday!). She freshened with twin does.

Arrow is a very pretty, refined buckskin with white markings. She came into this world a little narrow but I think she has potential. She will be retained for now.

Summer is the more solid of the two, with more depth to her body at this point. I think she will turn out very nice but Arrow was my favorite of the two so Summer is sold.

GB followed up with gorgeous twins. She is a very attentive but laid-back mom, and her kids share her (and Obama's) nice disposition. I was really hoping for some interesting colors from this doe...

Copper Penny is a lovely soft chamoisee (?) doe kid. I am not sure if she is moonspotted, but she does have some interesting shading and she almost appears peach colored! She is a very solid little girl and she is growing on me every day. Penny is not for sale at this point.

Silver Dollar, GB's buckling is an absolute stunner. He impressed us right from birth and although he is a little guy his potential is impressive. He has quite the presence and is the type I like. He is also a sweetheart, and I love his dark buckskin coloring with moonspots and flashy white markings. He will be staying as my future herdsire.