Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yearling Does For Sale

Dancing Angels Temple, yearling gold and white doe out of Dancing Angels Tempera x Babel Brook Acres TP Andante. Very correct. $200 OBO.

Shere Country Joplin, black moonspotted doe. Very square, wide behind. Should make an excellent little milker. Asking $200 OBO.

If interested please contact me at Delivery to lower MI or WI can be arranged.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blue-Eyed Moonspotted Buckling for Sale

Dancing Angels Jagger is on the lefthand side of this photo with his twin sister Abigail.  Sire is Dancing Angels Rockstar(Promisedland RC Obama X Dancing Angels Rockette).  Dam is Avian Acres Selene--VG 84.  $250 with delivery to lower MI, northern WI or MN or OH available free-of-charge.  Can send additional photos upon request.
Jagger is on the righthand side.  Rearview.  Large moonspot on the lefthand side of his face. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The doe kid on the left is Cardamon. Sire is Babel Brook Acres Andante and dam is Shere Country Bollywood(full sister to Bali Hai). Price is $250. Delivery to lower MI the end of April is available free of charge.
Another shot of Cardamon.
Shere Country Bollywood with her twin doe kids. Lovely first freshener...good mother...nice wide rump. Good udder shape, capacity and teat size. Sired by Twincreeks PDF Megapixel(EX90) and out of Dancing Angels Masquerade(VG 89 and daughter of CH Dancing Angels Cool Your Jets). $350 firm. SOLD
Rear udder shot after kids were off for a night.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Shere Country MP Bollywood - yearling doe out of Dancing Angels Little Voice and Twin Creeks WDF Megapixel. Both parents classifed 90EX. Her full sister was GCH Jr. Doe & Best Junior Doe in Show at the CVDGA Summer Show in 2011.

Beautiful structure on this girl. She has the widest rump I have seen on a yearling. Her first freshening udder is very capacious with small but milkable teats. She freshened with twin does and is an excellent mom. Her labor was very uneventful. $350 FIRM. SOLD

Dancing Angels Cardomon - doeling out of Shere Country MP Bollywood and Babel Brook Acres TP Andante. Very cute little chamoisee girl with a sweet face. She is extremely friendly and boisterous. $250

If interested please e-mail me at These are potentially the last does available this year from my herd.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Dancing Angels Halo is a twin blue-eyed white with gold doe kid born on Valentine's Day. Very strongly put together with a beautifully wide hindleg set and sparkling personality she'll make some a lovely show/milk goat. Asking price is $350.

Dam Roxie last summer. Her udder at six year's of age is still well attached both fore and rear with nice milkable teats. Roxie has a long lactation on minimal grain and maintains her condition nicely. She L.A. in 2010 with an 85 overall and will be L.A. again in 2012. This time we plan to bag her up correctly. She kids without issues and is sired by GCH Dancing Angels Cool Your Jets. Her dam is a full sister to ARMCH Sugarcreek Show Tunes.

Halo's sire is a lovely two year old buck from Babel Brook Acres who was sired by Dancing Angels Tempo(2 GCH legs and linebred on CH South Campus Temperance). Andante was leased from Julie Shere at Shere Country. His dam is currently in our flock--Avian Acres Selene who also has a beautifully attached udder and a wonderful temperament. Selene classified 85 in 2010 as well.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


All mothers need breaks from their kids and our does are no exception. So once a day the kids get swaddled up on Meg's coat and brought up to the house to socialize with each other, Billy the cat, and take naps underneath the wood cookstove which is always warm.
This is the youngest of the triplets--Pip--who tried to come out folded with one front leg and one hindleg presenting. Eventually we sorted him out and he arrived. A little time in the house to get over the tough arrival and he is as good as his golden color.
These are Pip's siblings--Trip is the tri-colored buckling on the left fighting with his red and white sister Temple. They are out of Dancing Angels Tempera and sired by Babel Brook Acres Andante.
This is Halo--Andante X Dancing Angels Rockette. She has lovely blue eyes to match her wonderful disposition. She and her sister Adele were born on Valentine's day in the wee hours of the morning.
This is Adele doing what she does best--finding ways to get into trouble. We think the devilish look to her one eye may be a contributing factor.
This is Abigail out of Avian Acres Selene and sired by Dancing Angels Rockstar(Promisedland RC Obama X Dancing Angels Rockette). She and her brother were born in the back kennel at our wonderful local veterinarian's office after we brought Selene in for some oxytocin when her labor stalled out. She is very sweet and much prettier in person. And last but not least Abe Jr. who was born headfirst after his sister was up and looking for milk. He has blue eyes and moonspots and comes from our best lines for milk and show quality udders. We are waiting to see how he'll grow up.

Friday, February 17, 2012


Twin does born on Valentine's Day out of Dancing Angels Rockette x Babel Brook Acres TP Andante. Both blue-eyed!

A great start to kidding season. One will be for sale.