Thursday, March 22, 2012


Shere Country MP Bollywood - yearling doe out of Dancing Angels Little Voice and Twin Creeks WDF Megapixel. Both parents classifed 90EX. Her full sister was GCH Jr. Doe & Best Junior Doe in Show at the CVDGA Summer Show in 2011.

Beautiful structure on this girl. She has the widest rump I have seen on a yearling. Her first freshening udder is very capacious with small but milkable teats. She freshened with twin does and is an excellent mom. Her labor was very uneventful. $350 FIRM. SOLD

Dancing Angels Cardomon - doeling out of Shere Country MP Bollywood and Babel Brook Acres TP Andante. Very cute little chamoisee girl with a sweet face. She is extremely friendly and boisterous. $250

If interested please e-mail me at These are potentially the last does available this year from my herd.

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