Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sugar Creek YO Blue Yoko is a recent purchase from Julie Shere in MN. She is a lovely Cou Clair doe with a very sweet personality. Yoko will be bred to Obama (she produced very colorful quads with him earlier this year) and I hope to use her as my main milker.
This is Sugar Creek PG Velleda Moth. Leda doe not have the most attractive physique due to a lifetime of multiple kiddings (as well as being morbidly obese for a time) but she is an excellent producer and is bred to Obama, who should complement her problem areas.

Dancing Angels Rockette (aka Roxie) is currently serving as my reluctant milker. She can be quite temperamental and sensitive, but she has been cooperating better since her doe kid left. Roxie has always been a heavy milker, reluctant to dry off, and she is also an easy keeper. Roxie is bred to Obama, and I think his refinement will complement her strength.

Dancing Angels Tempera is my a beautiful red and white doe out of one of my favorite does, Dancing Angels Temptation, whom I lost last year. Tempera has done a great job raising her twin doe kids and is still growing and starting to really mature. She is filling out and I think in a year or two she will be looking even better. Tempera will be bred to Dancing Angels Tempo for a linebreeding on Temptation and hopefully some red or gold kids.
Tempera's twins are pictured below. I am not sure about breeding them yet, although they are certainly growthy enough.

Dancing Angels Lovely

And here is Dancing Angels GhostBuster (GB).


I'm very excited about the opportunity to use this buck and hopefully bring some new colors into my herd. Obama is a lovely, refined buck with a very easygoing temperament. Thank you to Julie Shere for letting me bring this nice buck into my herd.