Tuesday, September 29, 2009

THE 2009-2010 HERD

Shere Country Minstrel(Twincreeks CAS Troubador X Dancing Angels Little Voice). He along with Dancing Angels Tempo(a double CH South Campus Temperance son)will be the herdsires this year.
Dancing Angels Apple(Twincreeks Court N Spark X Dancing Angels Blackberry). Coming two year old will be bred to Minstrel.
Sugarcreek Valeda Moth(CH 4-Fun Pot-O-Gold daughter)will be bred to Minstrel. She is available to the right home.
Dancing Angels Rockette(background)will be bred to Tempo and Dancing Angels Tempera(Twincreeks PDF Megapixel X Dancing Angels Temptation)will be bred to Minstrel.
Dancing Angels Pecan Sandie will be bred to Minstrel.
Shere Country Madrigal(Twincreeks CAS Troubador X Dancing Angels Masquerade)and Dancing Angels Sasha Fierce(one the left)(Megapixel X Dancing Angels Bittersweet)won't be bred this fall.
Another photo of Madrigal(aka Maddie).