Monday, February 21, 2011


Kidding season has begun with two births last Thursday, starting with a flashy black and white bucking with moonspots and blue eyes out of Dancing Angels Rockette and sired by Promisedland RC Obama. He is quite striking and appears to be very well conformed. He will be retained as a future herd sire.

Later that day we welcomed quadruplets out of Sugar Creek YO Blue Yoko (sired by Obama). This is her second set of quads in two years, and we suspected she was carrying a litter by her appearance prior to freshening:

The most exciting kid that resulted from this breeding is this heavily moonspotted buckskin buck. He is extremely colorful and well put together. I will be retaining him for now to see how he develops.

Another nice boy, this buckskin buck with white on his belly was the first born. He is very sweet and likes to pose. He is available as a wether.

The third buckling appeared black at birth but his moonspotting began to show up once he was dry and in good light. He is very flashy and striking to look at and is available as a wether.

Last but not least, this little dark buckskin doeling is petite and refined, but she has a huge personality and a whole lot of determination. She gets right in there with her brothers when it's time to nurse and makes sure to get her share. I will be holding onto her for now to see how she develops.

Dancing Angels Tempera (bred to Dancing Angels Tempo) is due to kid any day now, and we can't wait to see what she has.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Small, coming two year old buck from Promisedland show and milk lines available for sale. $350 OBO. Can be delivered to lower MI the end of February at no extra charge. He is very fertile and has produced quads and multiples that are equally as flashy and dairy. Dam is ARMCH/GCH Caesar's Villa LV Breezy 1*M. She was #8 in 2010 for milk production, #4 for butterfat production and #5 for protein in ADGA with a production record of 4-08 305 1060 77 54. She classified E90(VEEE). Sire is Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S(E90).
Contact for more information.